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Stone Wall Panels, with interlocking corner units and capping options, are ideal for a range of residential and commercial landscape and building projects. Create a natural stone wall look and feel with our pre-prepared stacked stone wall panel range.

2.1 Stutex Stone Veneer Cladding System The Stutex Stone Cladding System is a masonry veneer cladding considered a medium weight wall cladding in terms of NZS3604:2011with a weight ranging from 17Kg to 52Kg per square metre.

Read this guide on the stone panel specifications before installing our stone cladding system. For more information, call us at 800-328-6275.

Stone Lite® panels can be produced from almost any stone provided that slabs are available in large enough sizes. To see example pictures of the most commonly used stones plus a limited representation of other available types of stone, please click on the stone type above.

StonePly® is a fabricated stone panel wall system utilizing a composite panel made by laminating a natural stone layer to an aluminum honeycomb substrate with aviation epoxies. StonePly Honeycomb® is fabricated and then attached to the substrate with a series of aluminum extrusions. The three basic attachment methods for StonePly® are the Z-clip system, utilizing one piece Z-clip aluminum ...

Construction specifications collection of csi 3 part formatted building product specifications, free to download for all popular word processors.

The stone cladding panels can arrive at the site prepared and ready to install. As a single source supplier, StonePly cladding panels help maintain the schedule of the project. As a single source supplier, StonePly cladding panels help maintain the schedule of the project.

Gridworx is the revolutionary mechanical stone cladding system. Our patent pending custom wall cladding technique is more cost effective than full bed masonry construction. With efficiencies in material, freight and labor, Gridworx stone panels make building with cut-stone affordable.

Stone Clad is an innovative natural stone panel system saving both time and money when compared with traditional stone masonry. Our system is using large 600 x 200 mm panels and 300 x 200 mm panels which allow the use of larger pieces of stone to build a panel…

Cladding Stones Definition ... Ventilated rainscreen cladding is a system of cladding which the stone panels are used as part of a system that shields the majority of the supporting structure from direct rainfall. It combines a cavity and drainage system behind the panels to remove any moisture that gets past the rainscreen panels. There are two types of rainscreen panels: -Pressure ...

Serving the architectural community with an extensive range of quality tile, stone and cladding systems. Our expert resources are dedicated to providing you with innovative products and custoized solutions that will enchance your project, save time, improve installing and provide enchanced technical benefits.

Stone cladding panels add richness and appeal to any area you install them on, including all areas of your home's exterior and landscaping. Check out these 30 stone cladding and siding panel ideas to help gain some inspiration for your property.

Stone Cladding. For over 35 years now, Stone Panels has been known for its innovative, lightweight stone technologies. The Stone Lite® system allows for a complete transformation for any interior or exterior no matter how old or outdated the building is.

These stone panels are handmade with exacting calibration and significantly streamline the installation process by utilising our proven stone veneer panel system, thus reducing on-site costs. Ease of application and simplicity are the key to the success of our innovative and interlocking AKSENT™ 3D panels.

STONEPANEL™ cladding is the only natural stone pre-assembled product on the market that is backed by BBA certification and offers installation advantages over traditionally built natural stone. Taylor Maxwell are the sole supplier in the UK and hold stocks in several locations.

When granite or limestone panels are left completely straight and then joined to create a 90-degree angle, the result is a sharp corner edge. For many applications, a slightly rounded edge is preferable, and this can be accomplished through the use of quirk miter corners.

Technical : The thickness of stone cladding 10 January 2009 The latest edition of Albion Stone's technical manual includes an explanation written by Tim Yates of BRE how to determine the thickness of panels using BS 8298 Parts 2 and 4.

Gridworx is an engineered stone cladding system. All projects are reviewed by a premier All projects are reviewed by a premier curtain wall Professional Engineering firm.

In the event that the stone face of a StonePly cladding panel is shattered or fractured, the stone remains adhered to the aluminum backing, keeping safe …

Stonewood Architectural Panels are phenolic building cladding panels for use in an interior or exterior application. Stonewood Exterior Panels are designed to work as cladding with rain screen design in a ventilated façade system. Interior panels are easy to clean, durable and ideal for use in high traffic areas.

Norstone Rock Panels. Norstone's proven stacked stone panel system sets us apart from the competition. Our attractive and exclusive colours combined with our incomparable panel layout provide ease of installation and exciting new possibilities in natural stone cladding designs.

Not all stone veneer panels are created equal. GenStone is the most authentic, easy to install & durable stone veneer siding available. Don't Move, Improve! GenStone is the most authentic, easy to install & durable stone veneer siding available.

Cladding is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer. In construction, cladding is used to provide a degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance, and to improve the appearance of buildings.

Traditional stacked stone panels with a modern edge. The accent pieces in this panel are gauged for an exaggerated relief, casting deep shadows and creating a visibly …

Stone textured walls offer a beautiful contrast which assures Norstone Rock Panels are perfect for commercial applications such as revamping bars, cafes or restaurants, hotels, anywhere that spectacular feature walls are desired. From conception to completion stone veneer is the natural choice.

by Stone Panels Information Red Sandstone Exterior Cladding NASA Johnson Space Center Building 21, Houston, TX Reminiscent of an Southwestern Desert skyline, Red Sandstone can be found all over the world in desert and dry areas.

Faux stone panels provide the look of stone for a fraction of the cost of natural materials. In fact, with faux stone you can save up to 50% over the cost of traditional masonry work; especially if you install it yourself. GenStone faux stone panels provide an authentic look and texture as well as an easy to install 10 piece system of panels and accessories. Be sure to check out our